Vol 1, No 2 (2006)

Note: Until 2013 journal's title was Journal of the Washington Institute of China Studies.

This, our second edition of the Journal of the Washington Institute of China Studies, follows a slightly different format than the first. Instead of eight articles of about the same length, this edition begins with an extensive study of Higher Education in China focusing on recent reforms enacted and proposed for future enactment designed to bring Chinese universities into the “World Class” category. Since the opening in 1979, the best and brightest Chinese students have usually pursued advance studies abroad, usually in the US. Many of these students did not return to China upon graduation. World Class universities at home should help stem this brain drain and aid Chinese development to sustain economic growth required to raise the standard of living for many Chinese.



Table of Contents


Editor's Statement PDF HTML
Bernard T. Pitsvada i


Higher Education Reform in China PDF HTML
Kathryn Mohrman 1
Anti-Corruption Reforms from a Global View: An Initial Attempt of Comparing Italy to China PDF HTML
Maria Laura Seguiti 83
Public Procurement and Good Governance in Chinese and Polish Post-transition Experience PDF HTML
Mark M. Michalski 108
China’s Private-Owned Enterprises Economic Performance, Political Action & Fiscal Consequence PDF HTML
Feng Qiaobin 118
Nationalism and State Legitimacy in Contemporary China PDF HTML
Huisheng Shou 133
The Spratly Islands: A Regional Perspective PDF HTML
Daniel Livingstone 149

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