Vol 5, No 2 (2010)

Note: Until 2013 journal's title was Journal of the Washington Institute of China Studies.

For this summer we offer a very diverse set of articles that we hope will satisfy all our readers. We begin with an article that addresses government policies that favor urban populations over the interests of the rural population and also address the issue of urban verses rural market segmentation in China. The article uses regression analysis to test the author’s hypotheses. We follow with another article by our expert on terrorism this time examining the effectiveness of suicide terrorism using regression analysis to support his findings.

Table of Contents


Editor's Statement PDF HTML
Bernard T. Pitsvada i


City-Biased Economic Policies, Urbanization, and Urban - Rural Market Segmentation in China PDF HTML
Yingqing Gong, Jiawen Yang 1
The Effectiveness of Suicide Terrorism PDF HTML
Jibey Asthappan 16
A Comparative Look at Attitudes toward Gender and Division of Household Labor in Russia, Japan, Germany and the United States PDF HTML
Tianyue Ma 26
China’s Increasing Energy Needs and Role as an International Superpower PDF HTML
Edwin M. Hernandez Garcia 40
The Historical Status of China’s Tibet (part 5) PDF HTML
Wang Jiawei, Nyima Gyaincain 53
The Dragon's Gift: The Real Story Of China In Africa PDF HTML
Deborah Brautigam 65

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