Vol 6, No 1 (2011)

Note: Until 2013 journal's title was Journal of the Washington Institute of China Studies.

First of all I would like to announce a change to our Board of Directors. We noted the death of Major General Bruce Jacobs in our last edition. We announce his replacement Lieutenant General Max W. Noah (retired). General Noah has served in various engineering position and financial position during his Army career. He finished his Army career as the top financial manager for the US Army. His vast experience will be a great help in indentifying key area for us to explore in future issues. The addition of Gen Noah and Dr. Jiawen Yang, professor of International Business at the George Washington University significantly increase the analytical and evaluation capabilities of my Board which should enhance the value of our efforts to provide our readers with improved articles for publication.

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Editor's Statement PDF HTML
Bernard T. Pitsvada i


Value Premium In The Chinese Stock Market:Free Lunch Or Paid Lunch? PDF HTML
Yujia Huang, Jiawen Yang 1
The History of Insurance: Risk, Uncertainty and Entrepreneurship PDF HTML
Pietro Masci 25
Corporate Corruption And The New Challenges For The Role Of Government PDF HTML
Maria L. Seguiti 69
Alternative Measures of U.S. Fiscal Deficits PDF HTML
Marvin Phaup, Zhoujun Xu 88
The Culture of Poverty in China Rural Area: The Cases in Junxi Village PDF HTML
Zhaojin Lu 97
The Historical Status of China’s Tibet (part 7) PDF HTML
Wang Jiawei, Jiawen Gyaincain 108

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