Vol 11, No 1 (2017)


This current issue of BPA Journal is also an overdue labor of love and endurance. We are still exploring both ways and means to expand the Regional Editors. We have lost our China Editor, who accepted a fulltime position at a major university. We are actively seeking a replacement. Our other major goals include: grow more active readership and contributions from policy makers, professionals and aspiring academics.




Table of Contents


Editorial Note PDF HTML
Mark M. Michalski 3-5


The Human Ecology Of Social Justice PDF HTML
Michael Novak 6-11
China vs. Itself. The Perpetual War Against Corruption PDF HTML
Charles Bingman 12-24
Rehabilitation of the Ecological Functions of the Senegal River Delta PDF HTML
Nicolas Kotschoubey 25-45
What Transformative Leaders Can Do to Initiate and Institute Effective Federal Change PDF HTML
William J. Mea 46-63
Developing a CSR Strategy: 5 Steps to Get Started PDF HTML
Andrea M. Pereira P. 64-67
Special Hydrocarbon Tax And Taxation Of Shale Gas In Poland PDF HTML
Przemysław Pest, Mateusz Lewandowski 68-74


Books That Are Noteworthy PDF HTML
Mark M. Michalski 75-77

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