Vol 2, No 2 (2007)

Note: Until 2013 journal's title was Journal of the Washington Institute of China Studies.

This edition of the Journal of WICS begins with a thought provoking article dealing with the issue of how long China’s amazing economic growth can continue.  What challenges will China face in the short run and what environmental issues will China face in the longer run?  The future well being of the PRC requires solving these two issues or at least ameliorating their worst aspects.



Table of Contents


Editor's Statement PDF HTML
Bernard T. Pitsvada i


Transitions in China’s Economic Growth: Realities and Challenges PDF HTML
Yueqin Jin 1
Adapting to a New Chinese Environment: The Case of Foreign Invested Enterprises in China PDF HTML
Xiaofan Li 12
Intellectual Property Rights Protection in China PDF HTML
Ibou Thior 33
Implementing U.S. Airline Industry Deregulation: Lessons for Emerging Countries PDF HTML
Pietro Masci 49
World Bank and China in Recent Developments with Special Reference to Renewable Energy PDF HTML
Mark M. Michalski 69
Felix LoStracco 82
Reagan-Sino Legacy: Relations of the United States and China in the 1980s PDF HTML
Nicholas G. Hahn 96
Self-Directed Learning: A Key Component of Adult Learning Theory PDF HTML
Geri Manning 104

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