Vol 2, No 3 (2007)

Note: Until 2013 journal's title was Journal of the Washington Institute of China Studies.

This edition of the Journal covers a variety of topics, several of which are current hot issues and several of which are introductory efforts that we will continue to cover in subsequent issues.  The first article tackles an issue of growing importance; the relationships between China and Africa; particularly trade that is developing between China and the 53 individual African countries.  As a demonstration of our continuing interest in this issue we plan to conduct a one day seminar on this topic in the spring 2008 in Washington DC at one of the local universities.  We follow this up with an article on US – India relations which considers the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) as a third party in these matters.  The third article is an impressionistic piece regarding public administration scholarship in Northwestern China, an area not often visited by American scholars.  This article is noteworthy because it is written by David Rosenbloom America’s foremost public administration scholar.

Table of Contents


Editor's Statement PDF HTML
Bernard T. Pitsvada i


China and Africa: Opportunities, Challenges and Forging a Way Forward PDF HTML
Callisto Enias Madavo 1
The China Factor: How Beijing Figures In The Emerging Indo-U.S. Alliance PDF HTML
S. "Raju" Chebium 14
Impressions of Public Administrative Education in Northwestern China PDF HTML
David H. Rosenbloom 27
The Empirical Test of Consumption-Real Exchange Rate Anomaly in China PDF HTML
Zhangyan Fu 32
Leadership Theories: What Corporate Leaders in China Can Learn PDF HTML
Ricardo A. Pinos, Xiaofan Li 47
The Development of the Chinese Transportation Infrastructure: A Case of Highway Development PDF HTML
Brian W. Sloboda, Vincent W. Yao 60
Culture and Sustainable Development in China PDF HTML
Chuansheng Liu 73
Can the iPhone Generation Reform the CCP? PDF HTML
Gerardo Giannoni 77
Is China Subordinating Health and Environmental Concerns to Economic Growth? PDF HTML
James A. Listorti 91
Investment Tips PDF HTML
William J. Lang 101

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