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Founded in 2001, The Washington Institute of China Studies (WICS), is a politically independent, non-profit organization [Section 501(c)3] based in Washington D.C., the United States, dedicated to improving relations and understanding between the United States, Europe and the People’s Republic of China. It is essential that these countries that are so different in terms of political ideology, economic systems, culture, population density, history and concepts of freedom learn to understand each other and thereby simply get along with each other.

Washington Institute of China Studies

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We are very grateful to all the people and organizations that help us to publish the Journal.

  • Ms. Wang, Hsueh-Tzu (Gold Contributor)
  • Li, Qian (Gold Contributor)
  • Charles F. Bingman (Silver Contributor)
  • Li, Xiaofan (Silver Contributor)
  • Dr. Ying, Wenping (Silver Contributor)
  • Dr. F. Dale Draper (Bronze Contributor)
  • Felix LoStracco (Bronze Contributor)
  • Drew Pelton (Bronze Contributor)

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