The Initiative for Micro-, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the Mediterranean

  • Pietro Masci Department of the Treasury, Rome
  • Juan Zhang


This paper discusses the process of establishing the Mederranean Business Development Initiative (MBDI), in its various phases and components. The aim is to discover to what extent the implementation of this complex international project has thus far been in accord with the pattern for adopting public policies and structural change modeled by Kingdon (2002) for the U.S. system.            The concept of an initiative to facilitate enterprises’ access to finance in the Mediterranean countries can be traced back to the 1990s, when the idea of creating a development bank for the Mediterranean was proposed. However, this proposal was abandoned for political reasons related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and also due to a lack of interest in establishing a new development bank. 

Author Biographies

Pietro Masci, Department of the Treasury, Rome
Pietro Masci is a Director at the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, Treasury Department, in charg of the European Investment Bank, the Mediterranean countries and the Balkans.
Juan Zhang
Juan Zhang is a Project Coordinator at International Action.