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Editor's Statement

For this summer we offer a very diverse set of articles that we hope will satisfy all our readers. We begin with an article that addresses government policies that favor urban populations over the interests of the rural population and also address the issue of urban verses rural market segmentation in China. The article uses regression analysis to test the author’s hypotheses. We follow with another article by our expert on terrorism this time examining the effectiveness of suicide terrorism using regression analysis to support his findings.

We then switch directions to Sociology by examining comparative attitudes toward gender and household labor in four countries – Russia, Japan, Germany and the United States. The author uses multifactor and multiple classification analysis to examine her data and reach some interesting conclusions. We then examine the important issue of energy and China’s energy needs as she gains international super power status. We then reprint Chapter 8 of the Historical Status of China’s Tibet. This chapter examines the armed rebellion in Tibet in opposition to the Communist take over of that country in the 1950s; what the current Chinese regime calls the opposition to the democratic reform which brought human rights to Tibetan serfs. The different definition of democratic reforms and human rights should be kept in mind when reading this piece.

We conclude with a favorable book review of the Dragon’s Gift: The Real Story of China in Africa. We aim at something for everybody in this edition of the Journal. We urge readers to subscribe to the Journal so as to enable us to continue publishing. A subscription rate of $100 per year seems quite reasonable for persons interested in what is happening in China and on issues of interest to Chinese readers. Ours object continues to be to draw our two countries closer together despite our vast differences. We hope this Journal does something to help us to achieve this objective.


                                                                                                      Bernard T. Pitsvada, Editor