The Historical Status of China’s Tibet (part 5)

  • Wang Jiawei
  • Nyima Gyaincain


The peaceful liberation of Tibet constituted the heaviest blow against activities supporting the idea of “Tibetan independence,” activities that had been conducted for more than half a century. Unreconciled, the Tibetan separatists did their best to obstruct and undermine the implementation of the 17-Article Agreement. Their efforts were highlighted by an armed rebellion that was aimed at defending the feudal system and opposing the Democratic Reform that was granting human rights to the Tibetans for the first time in their history. This rebellion was put down by the PLA troops under the direction of the CPC Central Committee. Still, Xagabba and Van Praag claim these actions in defense of human rights actually “violated the human rights of the Tibetans.” Recent years have seen this fallacy gain increased exposure by the Dalai clique and the international anti-China forces.