Vocational Education in China

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Modern vocational education in China Can be traced back to 1860s. It is believed that the Fujian Shipment School, which was built in 1867 in Mawei, Fujian Province, is the first ever vocational school in China. In late Qing Dynasty, vocational schools were the places where practical skills and occidental technologies were taught. The Renyin Schooling System published in 1902 established a system for industry training (vocational education). In 1917, the Zhonghua Vocation Education Society was founded, which was the first vocational education organization jointly  run  by  the  education  sector  and  industries.  However,  in  old  China,  the  vocational education developed very slowly due to poor economy and underdeveloped industry and agriculture. In 1949, there were only 1,174 secondary vocational schools (including 610 secondary teacher schools) in China with 231,500 students enrolled (including 151.7 thousands secondary teacher school students).