The Localized Application of BSC (Balanced Score Card) in China: Exploration and Practice of Qingdao Municipal Government

  • Hou Yongping


It is an inevitable selection for deepening administrative system reform, governmental function transition and reply to cutthroat competition by the local governments of China at present to refer to modern public management theory and apply advanced management instruments in governmental administration practice. Qingdao government is always dedicated to research and exploration of method and measurement for enhancement of governmental working efficiency and improvement of administrative effect. Since 1988, governmental instruction has been  reinforced with  outstanding achievement by  successively  introducing objective management, overall quality management, performance management and benchmarking management. In 2005, BSC, the Balanced Scorecard, the most developed strategic system for measurement and management conforming to scientific development concepts, was used to create high performance governmental work in Qingdao. We endeavor to the establishment of a governing mode as “low cost of administration, strong consciousness of the legal system, high efficiency management, and high quality service”, which has been fully affirmed and recognized by the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, China (CPC) and appraised as  a  model of  reinforcing governmental construction in  the new  era by  the Working Committee for Offices Directly under the Central Committee of the CPC and Working Committee for State Offices also directly under the Central Committee of the CPC, with promotion of sound and rapid development for economic society in Qingdao. In 2006, Qingdao was one of six cities awarded the title of “Golden City” for investment environment, governmental efficiency, indicators for harmonious society among 120 cities assessed by the World Bank.

Author Biography

Hou Yongping
The  author  has  Ph.D.  in  Business Administration  and  is  the  Deputy  Secretary-General  of  Qingdao  Municipal Committee of the CPC, Secretary of Working Committee for Offices Directly under Municipal Government.