Growth Market For Entrepreneurial Education In Poland And In China

  • Tadeusz Wawak Jagiellonian University
  • Mark M. Michalski World Bank Consultant


In today’s global, highly interconnected and interrelated world a need for entrepreneurial education and training becomes more and more necessary. And it is not only for economic but also for socio-political reasons -- if not for even broader ideals of peaceful coexistence.    Both Poland and China are often cited as fascinating examples and unique case studies of dynamic and successful economic transformation process where educations and skills play an increasingly important role . Both countries have experienced a long period of what has become known as historically  planned  economies ,  both  struggled  maintaining  and  preserving  heritage  and traditions.

Author Biographies

Tadeusz Wawak, Jagiellonian University
Professor Tadeusz Wawak  has been heading the Department of Applied Economics at the Jagiellonian  University of Krakow for over two decades.  He also heads Polish Forum ISO 9000. In mid-1990s he helped establish and served as the first President of the Professional  Business School of Krakow.  At the School of Management and Business Administration in Bielsko-Biala he lectures in Applied Economics, Total Quality Management,   ISO norms and best practices.
Mark M. Michalski, World Bank Consultant
Mark Michalski is completing his doctoral dissertation focusing on Poland New Entrepreneurial Economy.  He has taught  at  the  Jagiellonian  University  of  Krakow  courses  in  Management  and  Businsss  and  has  worked  as  a consultant at the Word Bank and Georgetown University in Washington, DC