Editor's Statement

  • Bernard T. Pitsvada Washington Institute of China Studies


As we begin our sixth year of publication we see turmoil and uncertainty as the hallmarks of the current world situation. As we view our own country we see a failing presidency responding to failed Marxist orthodoxy which has not worked wherever it has been tried in modern times. It will similarly fail here. In China the ten year ruling cycle of the Communist Party is undergoing tension and uncertainty with everything from the mysterious death of an English business man to a high ranking police official requesting asylum in a US Consulate. In the Middle East we see the Muslim Brotherhood strengthening its control over the Constitution writing process in Egypt and the civil war continuing in Syria with the Assad family clinging to power. We begin to see why Nasser outlawed and imprisoned much of the Muslim Brotherhood. This at least deferred their seizing control of Egypt’s government for half a century. Sub Sahara Africa continues to see one military coup after another. It seems hardly worth what they fighting about. The European Union continues to choke on its unaffordable welfare state and arguing whether or not to bail out failing states like Greece.