Healthy, Balanced Perspective On Money Investments

  • Drew Pelton Tax & Retirement Solutions LLC


Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in old paradigms, old ways of doing things with thinking that is not current with the times.  Sometimes it is easy to miss the critical and important things that are right in front of us because of those old voices or traditional voices.  Too often, it is simply just hard to change doing what we normally have been doing or what we are familiar with.   Additionally, sometimes we do not take the time to carefully look at the necessary facts and realities to get the complete picture and truth about how things work.Not being current or not being well informed can cause us to miss the opportunities available to us; therefore, causing problems and issues we do not desire. We simply do not seize the day.  We may not take the time to focus adequately, to have the healthy and balanced perspective that is in the best interest of our needs for safety, security, growth, tax savings and income.