Promoting Chinese youth visit and training programs: salient features of Hainan University students experience

  • Zhengjie Sheng


In the recent years, Chinese government in higher education system has been promoting tourists who want to learn, explore and experience firsthand new places in and outside China. They do it by visiting not only major tourist attractions of China but also visiting nearby foreign countries. Taking Hainan University as an example, this study assesses pattern of tourism behavior, destination selection, of college students taking holiday vacations while travelling to various destinations. It employs a random survey approach and utilizes sample data analysis to detect the direction and demand for key tourist attractions. Suggestions are put forward regarding the current demand of students’ main tourist markets.  The paper concludes by describing further need to promote even more orchestrated assessment and an intensive approach to analysis and development of growing university students’ tourist market.The earlier version of this article was written at the Hainan University in 2018 and the author wishes to express thanks and gratitude for guidance to Assoc. Prof. Lirong Zhu.