Corporate social responsibility in the era of the changing business insurance market

  • Jarosław Wenancjusz Przybytniowski


The development of corporate social responsibility (CSR) mainly results from the changes in perceiving the role andfunction of enterprises in the environment. In the literature we can encounter the view that operations of enterprisesshould concentrate not only on the realisation of basic initiatives but also on undertaking a number of ventures to improvesocial and environmental conditions. It means that enterprises should exert positive impact on the environment(both internal and external/closer and farther one). In this paper the Author attempts at analysing CSR in relation tothe insurance service sector. Insurance institutions, as the main entities of the insurance service sector, are the institutionsof public trust which should operate in accordance with fundamental principles of business ethics. The aim of thispaper is to analyse CSR and its impact on internal and external environment of the insurance service sector and to presentthe tools used to assess the results of actions in terms of CSR in the sector of insurance services. Its methodologicalaim is to create a model of quality of insurance service sector. Whereas the application aim is to prepare materials andconclusions to improve the operations of business environments in the insurance market. The results presented comefrom Author’s own scientific research conducted within the framework of research projects. The article uses the methodsof descriptive and quantitative analysis, as well as comparative analysis. The results of the survey conducted in theyears 2010-2014 serve as primary sources.