Editorial Note

  • Mark Michalski


This issue of Summer/Fall 2021 of The Business and Public Administration Studies Journal opens an article by Prof. Jaroslaw Wencencjusz Przybytniowski titled: Corpo-rate social responsibility in the era of the changing business insurance market. The author discusses the development of corporate social responsibility (CSR). He states that it mainly results from the changes in perceiving the role and function of enterprises in the environment. In his article professor Przybytniowski analyzes CSR in the context of the insurance service sector. Insurance institutions, he argues embody public trust. Thus, they do need to operate within the realm of fundamental principles, especially that of business ethics. The main goal of his study is to assess and understand the CSR and its impact on internal and external environment. The setting of the insurance service sector is crucial for us to appreciate the tools used to assess the results of actions in terms of CSR in the sector of insur-ance services. The main findings and results of his study come from longitudinal research undertaken within the framework of research projects. His article uses the meth-ods of descriptive and quantitative analyses, as well as that of comparative one.