As Long As It Can: Uruguayan Resilience in times of COVID-19

  • Marc Castillo
  • Maxwell Schriner


Uruguay has a developed public health infrastructure which has given them a distinct advantage in pandemic re-sponse effectiveness. Uruguay is experiencing a COVID mortality rate that is significantly lower than the Latin Ameri-can average; businesses reopened in June, 2020. This is a result of a long time commitment to mutual trust between the populace and the government. Even though through the beginning of 2021, there has been an uptick in COVID cases Uruguay has managed to curtail the pandemic once more at the time of this publication in September, 2021. This paper focuses on the historical context that has enabled this collective national trust, which has become paramount to combat-ing the COVID pandemic, along with the success of the domestic market, and the opportunity the nation has to diversify exports. Finally, we emphasize the ability of President LaCalle's Administration to strike international agreements in accordance with Mercosur procedures to accommodate foreign investors seeking to invest in Uruguay.