Revising the U.S.’s Trade Policy Approach to Turkey in a new administration

  • Kathleen Harrington


The current economic policy of the United States needs to be reassessed and subsequently amended to focus on developinga stronger trade relationship with Turkey. The effect of United States’ implementation of trade tariffs on Turkeyduring the Trump administration has been detrimental to the success of foreign policy goals in the region and makes theneed for revising the current economic policy in place more pressing. A reassessment will reveal that tariffs are a threatto an overall stable relationship, and as the U.S transitions from the Trump administration to the Biden administration,policymakers should deepen the economic relationship with Turkey and abandon the harsh tariffs imposed by the previousadministration. This brief will then detail an amended economic policy plan for the US and Turkey based on the assessmentof current policy and analysis of Turkey’s economic climate in the context of U.S. foreign policy goals.