Of service provision on the example of motor insurance

  • Jarosław Wenancjusz Przybytniowski


Negative factors which have recently appeared in the financial market, as well as in the insurance market (continuingfinancial crisis) threatened the consumer market, undermining the trust of customers to the legal system and financialinstitutions. The main aim of the Author is to analyse the main directions of changes in the process of providing motorinsurance services in insurance institutions, with a particular focus on damage liquidation, using the Servqual researchmethod. This work is an analysis to prove the thesis that the level and the appropriate system of managing service qualityof motor insurance is becoming increasingly important in the position of an insurance institution, and the financial crisiscreated a need for the growth of insurance awareness of customers of insurance companies. It is a continuation of studies(PRZYBYTNIOWSKI, 2013abc), conducted within the framework of the research project no. SUPB.RN 21.123