Quality - the most important factor in the time of the ongoing economic crisis

  • Andrzej Grzebieniak


Until now, does not explicitly define essence of quality in relation to insurance services. Concern about the quality of services in the financial market, including insurance is ac-companied by any action related to the safety of customers and insurance companies. The existing literature does not clearly identify the model of quality of insurance services, which would be regarded as optimal and model for all coun-tries. Even more does not give an unambiguous answer to the question whether the quality of services in a separate in-stitution represents a better solution than to develop one of the standard models. Therefore, in the process of business management becomes increasingly important the quality of management [Altkorn J. Kramer T., 1998; Bardini J.P., 2006; Bennion F., 1969; Christopher M., Payne A., Ballan-tyne D., 1991; Cummins J. D., Doherty N. A., 2005; Garczar-czyk J. (red.), 2002; Horovitz J., 2006 Łańcucki J., 2008; Mayerson A. L., 1962; Payne A., 1996; Porter M. E., 2001; Rogoziński K., 2000; Grzebieniak A., 2015]. The quality of service is the final product of complicated process of man-agement and operation of an insurance company [Przybyt-niowski, J.W., 2022, pp. 25-70].