Can perspectives of concept formation derive a definition of inequality that can be better measured and targeted by digital trade policy interventions?

  • Sergio Martinez Cotto


The present essay aims to raise a reflection on alternative concepts and definitions of inequality by discussing possible applications of concept formation perspectives that have been developed in philosophy and social science. The necessity for furthering conceptualization works on inequality arise because the concept of ‘inequality’ lacks a precise, universal definition that can be relevant to the complexities that social science entails. In this context, the present essay aims to discuss general perspectives of concept formation in philosophy and social science to reflect on deeper considerations that defining a concept, such as inequality, needs to address. For materializing this objective, this essay will also revise com-mon definitions of inequality concepts that are recurrent on the literature, followed by a discussion on how perspectives of concept formation might lead to alternative ways for deriving a definition of inequality. While stating a universal, precise definition of inequality may be challenging, this essay may also intend to reflect on how perspectives of concept formation can suggest alternative concepts and definitions of inequality that can be addressed by research objectives, such as the role digital trade policy could play in reducing some form of inequality between and within countries