Scrum in video games development – Literature review

  • Bartosz Pałka Krakow University of Economics


The video game industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. In consequence, projects of video game development get progressively bigger and more complex. Scrum is the most commonly used methodology in software development; therefore it is often used in video games development as games are essentially combination of software, art and sometimes science. The aim of this re-view is to provide overlook on Scrum as a methodology used in Software devel-opment, describe in short what characteristics the video games development has and how well Scrum fits into the current state of video games development. It also presents advantages and disadvantages noticed by previous researchers with using Scrum inside and outside of video games industry. The information contained in this article may be useful for people that already work with Scrum outside of video games industry, as well as people working in video games industry not working with Scrum. Both groups may get familiarized with challenges and benefits of using Scrum in context of video games industry and with review of articles based on real life examples contents of this article contains tips valuable to people struggling with Scrum implementation in their video games development projects and how to enhance this meth-odology with other methodologies to achieve most beneficial outcome.