Mark M. Michalski


  • Mark M. Michalski


The Journal of Business and Public Administration wel-comes and is pleased to introduce two new Editors: Dr Jaro-slaw Wenancjusz Przybytniowski of the Department of Man-agement at Jan Kochanowski University as an Academic (Theme) Editor and Dr Dominik Dziekanski of Economic Department at Jan Kochanowski University as a Technical Editor.Journal opens with an article by professor Przybyt-niowski, titled: Competitiveness of financial distribution channels in the time of the ongoing crisis. It presents an as-sessment of service provision by insurance companies. The author shows a critical link between customers’ expectations and relationship management as of paramount importance in cultivating loyalty and continuous flow of profitable busi-ness. Just as a ditty tells us: there is no better business than repeat business. Insurance companies form a system of channels to provide the insurance services in the most opti-mal way to achieve their own goals. They allow the potential customers to use the services of channels with which the in-surance company distributes its products. Managing cus-tomer relationships is an important element of nurture loy-alty. However, it must be accompanied by appropriate measures to maintain the relationship at every level of or-ganization. The aim of this article is to analyze the insurance market in Poland from side of insurance an insurance medi-ation.