Public Procurement and Good Governance in Chinese and Polish Post-transition Experience

  • Mark M. Michalski World Bank Consultant


Many business practitioners and academic observers are in general consensus that during the recent transformation Poland and China emerged as the leading examples of successful, albeit distinctly different, economic reform paths. Both were painstakingly searching for an adequate set of policies (realizing soon that no simple, cookie-cutter approach, nor model, could be readily found). Both continued changing from a highly central, soviet-style, regulated economy to an open market economy. The transformation process quickly gained momentum and the spirit of entrepreneurship activity ensued. Thus China and Poland with their distinct reform policies provide a useful experience for comparative case study of transition economies.

Author Biography

Mark M. Michalski, World Bank Consultant
Mark Michalski is completing PhD work in public policy and is the World Bank Consultant specialized in procurement training and project implementation.  He has taught management and procurement courses at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, during the 1990s, Poland’s transition period.  He has contributed chapters in several books and published in journals in Polish and in English.