Can the iPhone Generation Reform the CCP?

  • Gerardo Giannoni The George Washington University


China is now praised as the land of opportunities.  Its economy is booming and every entrepreneur or transnational corporation wants to open and expand its business in China.  Over the last three decades the country has sustained growth rates at levelsthat exceed previous trajectories of the ‘Asian Tigers’, the last generation of countries to join the ‘developed world.’ Yet, China remains the world’s largest developing country.  The question is: Can China sustain this rate of growth? And, if it does, what does this mean for the world order—both economic and political? 

Author Biography

Gerardo Giannoni, The George Washington University
Gerardo Giannoni is Senior Editor of the Publications Program of the Inter-American Development Bank.  A second year student of the EMBA program at The George Washington University, he holds a MA in Communication, Culture, and Technology from Georgetown University and completed his undergraduate studies in Political Science from the Catholic University of Argentina.