Is China Subordinating Health and Environmental Concerns to Economic Growth?

  • James A. Listorti World Bank Consultant


The popular press frequently portrays China in a negative light when it reports on environmental and health issues: widespread air and water pollution, mine accidents, and contaminated imports such as food and toys.  The image is hardly positive.  How much of this accurately reflects reality, and how much reflects a tendency of the popular press to accentuate the negative?  Is the image the same in professional journals and technical reports?

Author Biography

James A. Listorti, World Bank Consultant
James Listorti is a consultant in public and environmental health and holds a doctorate in public health from Columbia University.  Dr. Listorti has worked for over twenty years at the World Bank on environmental, infrastructure, energy and health issues.  He is currently a consultant at the World Bank, an adjunct instructor at George Washington University and has also taught at Georgetown University.