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Editor’s Statement

     We begin on a quarterly basis for the Journal of WICS for 2008. We hope to receive interesting manuscripts from our readers that will enable us to continue to publish articles on diverse topics that reflect issues of importance to the US and PRC. We invite our readers to submit researched articles of 15-20 pages for our review.

     We begin this edition with an article on Japanese perspectives of Chinese nationhood that led to the Japanese invasion of China in the 1930’s. The article in many ways demonstrates how Japanese attitudes led to war in the Far East in the 1930s and why China has a hard time accepting positive relations with Japan in the post World War II environment.

     The next article deals with current attempts by the US government to evaluate existing government programs. The method can be adopted by any country and might even work better in a system of government not based on a separation of powers. It could be beneficial for any government that intends to expand the scope of governmental powers to ascertain if what it currently does is achieving its stated goals and objectives. If not, why is government doing it?

     The third article is a review of possible courses if action for US policy makers. How should the two superpowers view each other and how should they act toward each other? The next piece is a reprint of a speech delivered by the Chinese Minister of State Administration of Religious Affairs on a recent trip to the US. His topic is the sensitive issue of religious freedom.

     The next two pieces deal with entrepreneurial and enterprise in China and how the PRC plans for development of Western China is proceeding. Both papers look at development in the PRC and how it is spreading across the entire PRC.

     The seventh article continues our look at China-Africa contacts and how such interactions are affecting the rest of the world. The last article continues the topic on investing in the stock market in what appears to be a slowdown of the world economy.

     As a relatively new Journal we need public support both as subscribers and authors. We could also use your tax deductible contributions. Everyone says it is difficult getting started in this field. We agree. But people tell us that once we get started contributors, subscribers and authors will come running. This we have yet to experience. We simply ask if you enjoy this journal, help us out. The IRS will not miss your tax deductible contributions.   

 Bernard T. Pitsvada, Editor