The Spratly Islands: A Regional Perspective

  • Daniel Livingstone Penn State University


The unprecedented and massive developmental growth China has experienced in the past decades has in fact transformed a country from a third-world overpopulated Asian state, to one of the most influential nations since the rise of the United States after World War II. China now faces the classic dilemma of maintaining its developmental growth and economic progress. It has been predicted that China’s overall economy could grow at 9 percent per year for the next 20 years.

Author Biography

Daniel Livingstone, Penn State University
Daniel Livingstone is in his final year of undergraduate study at Penn State University, majoring in International Politics. He has lived in Asia for 12 years and has participated in collegiate level debate over security, economic, and legal issues. His particular debate emphasis is on Chinese, Korean, and Japanese security issues. He has received numerous awards, distinctions, and merits throughout his collegiate career in debate over these issues.