Rural Management – The Way Out for Tibetan Rural Areas

  • Wang Wenchang


Tibetan towns and villages are the remotest areas in China regional society. The remoteness is evident in two aspects: (1) the natural environment; located in the southwestern frontier of China, as the core of the “the Third Extreme”, Tibet claims to be the farthest area in terms of space, altitude and distance – and compared with towns, this is really true of the villages, (2) the social environment; with the rapid development of Tibet’s tourist industry in recent years people tend to focus more on Tibet, but mainly on such cities as Lhasa, Shigatse and Tsetang. Beyond people’s attention, towns and villages stay far away not only from those socio-economically and culturally developed areas but also from the focus of intensive social development.

Author Biography

Wang Wenchang
This article first appeared in the publication China Tibetology, No.1, March 2008, ISSN 1671-6043, Sponsored by the China Tibetology Research Center. From China Tibetology (Chinese Edition) No. 2, 2006, translated by Tao Geru. Permission has been granted by the Embassy of the PRC to reprint this article here.