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Editor’s Statement

We close at the year 2008 by printing an article based on a speech delivered to the US-China Business Council dealing with China's role in the current global financial crises.  The second article deals with program evaluation as an ongoing aspect of day to day management, something the incoming US administration needs to recognize as it seek to evaluate policies from more than a political perspective.

The following two articles look at aspects of capital projects as stimulus projects in China and as a model for financing capital projects in Italy.  Another article examines quality control in China and asks whether it meets global management requirements. The last article examines measuring commitments to financial trade liberalization under the WTO.

We have tried to focus on current issues of interest but being a quarterly journal we cannot keep pace with daily news bulletins. We have tried to take a broader perspective by focusing on issues of significance and international aspects of note and try to apply lessons learned from various countries and apply them to China and the US.

We encourage readers to submit their topics of interest for publication. We are attempting to appeal to a broad audience as long as the articles are well researched and not simply opinion pieces. We feel that too much of the US and Chinese media focus on the two countries as adversaries and competitors rather than as the two world powers that must get along despite our many differences. This may be a relatively impractical purpose but we feel it is worth a try as we have no political axes to grind. Please think of joining us.

                                                                                                               Bernard T. Pitsvada, Editor