Measuring the Commitments on Financial Services Trade Liberalization: Core Business of Commercial Bank in Developing Economies

  • Ke Zhang Tsing Hua University


This paper is the basis of studying the impact of financial service trade negotiation under the General agreement on Trade and Services (GATS) on the banking sector in developing countries. To test the impact, the first step is measuring the commitments in financial service trade negotiation. This paper measured members’ commitments in the FIFTH PROTOCOL TO GATS. The focus of this paper is the core business of commercial banks, including deposit and credit services, whose definition is specified in section III.

Author Biography

Ke Zhang, Tsing Hua University
This Paper was first presented at a WTO Seminar in Geneva, Switzerland in August 2006. Permission has been granted by the author to reprint this article here.Zhang is a PhD candidate in the School of Public Policy & Management at Tsinghua University, Beijing, PRC