Entrepreneurship And Globalization: Overcoming Challenges And New Opportunities For Poland And China

  • Mark M. Michalski World Bank Consultant


The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of emerging entrepreneurial initiatives in Poland and in China and to identify opportunities that arise through the promotion of entrepreneurship in an increasingly globally interconnected and interdependent world. The development of entrepreneurship occurs either as an individual or collective result of: comprehensive undertakings, strategies, training programs, specific promotional efforts such as for example creating technology parks, business incubators, replicating, coat-tailing, or simply implementing the best practices (or "benchmarking") as well as a plethora of other initiatives, inventions and industrious efforts.            In addition, by designing and developing pro-active and pro-business habits, as fostered by the recently initiated Global Entrepreneurship week, (since 2008) entrepreneurship is gaining more and more momentum and worldwide recognition and attention. At the same time, entrepreneurship also emerges through the bottom-up spontaneous initiatives of successful entrepreneurs - people who after having learned the hard way “the practice of entrepreneurship” may later on decide to devote a portion of their time and energy to teaching entrepreneurship in schools, community centers and sharing their practical experience, thereby enriching grass roots efforts.Finally, an attempt is made to sketch out some salient features and characteristics of an excellent entrepreneur; one who can be considered not just as a market leader or business hero, but as someone contributing to the success of a greater, common good of our increasingly interdependent global society.

Author Biography

Mark M. Michalski, World Bank Consultant
Mark Michalski is a World Bank Consultant who is completing his doctoral studies on entrepreneurship at a University in Poland