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Editor's Statement

We open this edition of the Journal with an emperical test of global terrorism which represents an original approach to this issue. This is followed by three Chapters from The Historical Status of China's Tibet. Again, note the title China's Tibet. The authors clearly note their perspective on this sensitive issue. This is followed by an evaluation of the Chinese governments program to encourage Han Chinese to move to the Western province of Xinjiang, the current Uighur population and the Han population that has been encouraged to "go west". The PRC government has been caught in the middle of this volatile situations.

We then conclude with our book report, China's Communist Party" Atrophy and Adaptation is a current evaluation of the CCP which lies between the inability to govern and control China and its ability to adopt to a post-Moa world. The author is one of the foremost China specialists in the USA.

We conclude with some market tips for this puzzling market by one of Washington's most experienced brokers.

We encourage people interested in China and Sino-US affairs to submit research articles for subsequent journal editions. We welcome your views and perspectives. Academic credentials while helpful are not required.

Bernard T. Pitsvada, Editor