Detailed guidelines for authors

Please read and implement all the guidelines, to accelerate review and publication process.

General guidelines

  • Research results, case studies and other papers presenting practical verification of theories will be considered for publication in the first place.
  • We accept manuscripts in English only. All figures, tables, etc. should be translated into English. If your first language is not English, please ask a native English speaker to check your article before sending.
  • All articles should follow blind review guidelines. Text should be prepared for blind review (no author names, nor other ways to suggest the author.
  • Manuscript should consist of at least 3000 words (20000 characters, spaces included). Manuscript shouldn't be larger than 9000 words.
  • Use OpenOffice, Microsoft Office or RTF file formats.
  • Use Times New Roman 12 point for normal text.
  • Use 1 or 2 levels of headers. Level 1: numbered, bold, level 2: not numbered, bold.
  • Please use as little formatting as possible. Limit bolds, underlines, italics. Remove font size, color or style changes.
  • Article should be compiled in following order: title, abstract, keywords, main text, acknowledgements, references, appendices.
  • All tables and figures should be in main text.
  • Footnotes should be avoided wherever it is possible.
  • All references should use APA citation style.

Abstract guidelines

  • The abstract should have approximately 150-200 words. It should reflect what is in your article.
  • The abstract is very important, because most readers view abstract first.
  • You should consider to mention in abstract: purpose of the article, used methodology or approach, main findings, implications, limitations, value.
  • Remember that scientific article is not a thriller. Don't leave most important things to the end.


  • Figures should be included in text. Additionally you should send high resolution figures in separate files.
  • What looks good on monitor, sometimes looks bad after printing. Please provide highest quality figure format possible, e.g. EPS.
  • If you use JPG, PNG or GIF formats, ensure high resolution. At least 300 dpi (approx. 120 pixels for each centimeter)
  • Use descriptive filenames, e.g. Figure1, Figure2a, Figure2b,...
  • Text on figures must be in English.
  • Colors are allowed in figures. Please use subdued colors. Please remember, that printed version is black&white.


  • Don't use equation editor for simple inline variables. Use rather text with subscript/superscript.
  • Equations must be editable. If you save Word document ensure, that after reopening all equations are editable.

In-text citations

Use APA citation style. Do not use footnotes. Examples:

  • ... (Moore, 2010, p. 123). -- at the end of sentence
  • Moore (2010, p. 123) claimed... -- in sentence
  • (Chi & Li, 2007, p. 12) -- two authors
  • (Chi, Li & May, 2009, p. 22) -- three authors
  • (Chi et al., 2010, p. 221) -- more than three authors
  • (Moore, 2010, p. 123; Chi & Li, 2007, p. 12) -- many citations in one place - use ";"
  • (King, 2002, pp. 543-545) -- edited book - name of chapter's author
  • (Encyclopedia of management, 2010, p. 242) -- no author, only editor

You should avoid using secondary sources. However sometimes it is inevitable. In that case:

  • (Stephens & Carline, as cited in Groove & Berk, 2002, p. 323)

Sources of tables and figures should use the same rules, but without parentheses and with ending dot.

  • Source: Moore, 2010, p. 123.

More examples are available on Internet. Search for "APA citation style".


Use APA citation style. Examples:

  • Moore, A.B., (2010). Title of the book. London: McGraw-Hill -- one author
  • Chi, Y. & Li, M. (2007). Title of the book. Groove, PA: Ford Publishing -- two authors
  • Chi, Y., Li, M., May R. (2009). Title of the book. Warsaw: PWE -- three or more authors
  • King, M. (2002).  Globalization as the sign of future, In M. Warner (Ed.), Title of the volume. New York: McGraw-Hill -- chapter of the edited book
  • Encyclopedia of management. (2010). M. Warner & K. Kitts (Eds.). Berlin: Berg
  • Hammer, L. (2011). Title of the article. Title of the journal. 15(9) 12-34 -- article in journal: Vol. 15, Iss. 9, pages (whole article): 15-34
  • Bush, J.M. (2003). Title of the text. Title of the website. Retrieved on 1 February, 2014, from -- document/page on WWW, show full URL

More examples are available on Internet. Search for "APA citation style".


If necessary, please add acknowledgements section in article just before references.

Reproduction of copyright material

If you do not hold copyright for any material you wish to include in your article, you must obtain written permision from the copyright owner, prior to submission. Add appropriate acknowledgement. You are solely responsible for any fees which copyright holder may charge for reuse.


If you encounter any problems with text formatting, please do not hesitate to contact with our editors.