Business and Public Administration Studies

The journal focuses on business, public administration, management, economics, policy making and other problems related to contemporary organizations management. Until 2012 it was published under title Journal of the Washington Institute of China Studies.

Vol 13, No 1 (2019)


We open the current Business and Public Administration Studies ( with appreciation to our new contributing editor, Dr. William Mea, who enthusiastically encourages his students to contribute articles to this Journal.

Table of Contents


Editorial Note PDF
Mark M Michalski 3-6


Mastering Organizational Change PDF
Chelsea Goodly 7-10
The Determinants of Economic Growth in the Northern Triangle from Central America: Preliminary Empirical Evidence PDF
Sergio Martinez 11-21
From The Panama Papers To Odebrecht: Illicit Financial Flows From Brazil PDF
Ben Marques 22-31
The Future of Strategy in Top-Performing Organizations: Encapsulating Adaptive Capacity, Agility, and Contingency Planning PDF
Jennifer Jacobs 32-36
Moral Disengagement and the Support for Military Force: A Review PDF
Brett Reichert 37-41
US Leadership in Scholarship and Higher Education – the Implications for Hospitality Management Educators PDF
Ronnie Yeh, Teresa Chen 42-50


Books That Are Noteworthy PDF
Mark M. Michalski 52-53

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