Business and Public Administration Studies

The journal focuses on business, public administration, management, economics, policy making and other problems related to contemporary organizations management. Until 2012 it was published under title Journal of the Washington Institute of China Studies.

Vol 12, No 1 (2018)


This current issue of the Business and Public Administration Studies introduces new Contributing Editors and new authors joining our Journal Committee as Board Members. Professor Billy Mae comes from White House and the Georgetown University teaching in the nation’s capital, of Washington DC. He has been actively helping promoting and marketing the Journal. Additionally, another welcome contributors are Dr. Marco Pani and Professor Frederic Sautet. The Journal introduces also an article by a dynamic young scholar Sergio Martinez Cotto. His article grew out of his final thesis.

Table of Contents


Editorial Note PDF
Mark M. Michalski 3-5


Economic Capital and Creative Empowerment
Frederic Sautet 6-11
The hidden impact of corruption PDF
Marco Pani 12-29
A Human Dignity Approach to Business Ethics for Executives PDF
William J. Mea, Richard J. Wall 30-51
povThe Effect of Cash Transfer Programs on Poverty Reduction PDF
Sergio Alfredo Martinez Cotto 52-60


Books That Are Noteworthy PDF
Mark M. Michalski 61-62

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