In memoriam: Bernard T. Pitsvada, Ph.D.

  • Mark M. Michalski


A remarkable man and a true friend, and mentor passed away on May 9, 2014.  Dr. Bernard T. Pitsvada was a man of many dimensions, and he excelled in each.  He was born in Burlington, New Jersey in 1933, and attended Temple University in Philadelphia, but he spent his whole adult life in the service of the United States government.  He started out by serving 3 years in the Army (Intelligence) in Japan and Korea.  He became interested in the business of governing, and when he got out of the Army he obtained a Ph.D. in Government at American University in 1972.  Dr. Pitsvada spent thirty years in the Defense Department, mostly in the Office of the Comptroller.  Bernie was a master of the strategies and techniques of public finance, but also a noted expert on the broader issues of U. S. foreign policy, and was the author of highly regarded books on both subjects.