Vol. 8 No. 1 (2014)

This issue of Business and Public Administration Studies (BPAS) of the Washington Institute of China Studies (WICS) – overdue by more than a year – comes at the crossroads of numerous events at turbulent times.  Since early 2012, when Dr. Bernard Pitsvada (1933-2014) retired as President and Editor of the Washington Institute of China Studies,  the Institute and the Journal have undergone a difficult period of transition.This current issue, Volume 8, Number 1, represents our express efforts to keep Dr. Pitsvada’s legacy alive. We are  committed to exploring a deeper relationship between business and public administration.After numerous discussions and brainstorming with the newly appointed Board we decided to call this Journal: Business and Public Administration Studies. Though a new and broader title, the Journal remains that of the Washington Institute of China Studies. We will continue to solicit cutting-edge  research and invite critical debate. We invite your active and constructive discussion and dialogue.
Published: 2014-06-02